STANDARDS: GUIDELINES, ETIQUETTE, DOs AND DON’Ts TO KNOW There are so many lists of rules of thumbs, basics codes and commandments out there that can answer and direct your basic questions. Some of those rules hold real water. Some are useless. Some are funny, but still useless. So I decided to pick ten, some I’ve probably seen on a list, others I’ve just heard and of course others I’ve just picked up through my … Continue reading 10 RUNNING STANDARDS TO KNOW

“What are you doing?”

5 RESPONSES RUNNERS HAVE USED TO ANSWER: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” “RUNNING?” [IN THE RAIN] If you’re a runner, you’ve come home or woken up to a cold damp, rainy day or violent downpour, and yet you still found yourself lacing up. And if there’s a family member, friend, roomate, whoever there to catch you, you’re bound to hear it: “What are you doing?” Hands down, the … Continue reading “What are you doing?”

Yoga Runners

 YOGA TREND IN RUNNING Yoga has become more prevalent, as a form of cross training for running. Runner’s World offers more and more articles, running  blogs feature more yoga-related content as well. What connects running and yoga (beyond the fact we both wear tights really well). There’s got to be a reason we’re looking to yoga to improve their running. So in case you want to know what all the hype is … Continue reading Yoga Runners

Mutual Run-derstanding  

WE GET IT There’s an understanding among runners. Running connects us is in odd and mysterious ways. I thought it was deserving of a blog post to mention some of the things runners can relate to: some of the things we love and can’t help posting or sharing on social media or blogs, and just some of the unique phenomena surrounding our breed, runners. SOCK SNOBBERY Finding the right pair … Continue reading Mutual Run-derstanding  

“Pre”-pare to Feel Motivated

  “PRE”, THE LEGEND Of all the great athletes that have worn our products on the field of battle, we’ve made a statue of only one of them, and [that’s] of Steve Prefontaine”— CEO & founder of NIKE, Phil Knight Steve Prefontaine held all American distance records from the 2,000 to 10,000 meter distances—seven total—when he died in a car wreck on May 30, 1975. He … Continue reading “Pre”-pare to Feel Motivated

Fear-Mongering of Running

TESTAMENT TO HEALTH Running is the healthiest thing I know and have done in my life. Now, it has hurt me. It’s worn me down and screwed with me—mind and body. Running affords experience and insight into ways by which the human body can be taxed, and as most runners know: even damaged. I’ve injured, pulled, torn, sprained, and fractured muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones running. … Continue reading Fear-Mongering of Running